Monday, April 16, 2007

Comments from strangers

I had a fun weekend of being told by people "oh, I cant tell that you're pregnant at all!" when they found out that I am in fact, expecting a little one in slightly less than 4 months. I know they're trying to be kind, but it's a little depressing. I've gone up several sizes in pants, so am much fatter than I used to me, and being told that I don't look pregnant means that I just look fat. Even people who know I'm pregnant have started to comment on how un-pregnant I look. This is not helping the whole self-esteem issue.

Attaching pictures so that you too can see how un-pregnant I still look.

The blue thing by my feet is an IKEA kitty tent. Cutest cat toy ever.
We're just trying to have a normal and quiet week this week. Daniel's gone Wednesday and Thursday to his other office, then we leave Saturday for Denver/Boston. Hopefully the weather back east will improve soon so that it's not a wet and rainy week in Boston. Not much else going on around here these days.


Marieke said...

I think you're starting to show a bit! And you're adorable either way!

I sometimes worry about looking "un-pregnant" when I actually *am* pg, and looking pg when I'm not. I don't think it'll ever end unless I just decide to get over it (ha!).

mary said...

Carrie- you have a cute little pg belly!!!!! And I'm like Marieke, I always worry that I look pg now, and then i'm so worried that people won't know i'm preg. when I am !!!!!

Karen said...

You are one of those tremendously lucky women who carry their babies with minimum bulge. Oh I wished I could be one of those ladies. Believe me, someday you will be thankful for this. :) Your baby bump is very cute!!!