Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blogging in Boston

It's Wednesday, so this must be Boston. Daniel and I got up bright and early Saturday morning and headed for the airport. Flew to Denver, where we spent a nice weekend in Denver/Ft. Collins visiting with a friend of Daniel's and met up with an old college friend of mine as well.

Then, Monday morning it was off to Boston. We arrived to 84 degree weather, so quickly dropped off our stuff and went out to wander around the city before meeting up with my coworkers for dinner. Yesterday I worked from the office while Daniel worked from the hotel, then when he was able to escape from conference calls, we again headed out. So that brings us to today. It's another sunny morning here, although the weather is expected to cool down and rain is on its way in soon.

In unrelated news, two wonderful friends of mine have offered to host a baby shower for me! I'm very excited about this. VERY.

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