Friday, April 13, 2007

Being brats

There are two of us being annoying in the condo this morning. One is my kitten Gracie. She's decided, in the last month or so, that she has to be touching me. At all times. Wherever I am. She deals pretty well with being kicked out of our room at night, but then starts crying at the door at 6 AM. When I get up, she has to be walking next to me, and likes to attack my ankles as I walk. If I'm sitting, she has to be sitting on me. Which would be fine if she ever settled down, but she's jumpy and is always walking around and sticking her tail in my face, so that gets old quickly. And, honestly, I have a very very low threshold for annoyance these days.

I'm the other one being a brat this morning. We posted my great-grandmother's settee on Craigslist last night, and I got two emails this morning from people expressing interest. And I started crying. The chair is the only furniture I own in the entire condo, and I don't want to sell it. But it just doesn't fit anywhere. And doesn't match anything either. I know it has to go. But I'm still sad. And ever so annoyed at my husband. It's one of those days when I had to ask him to please not talk to me, because everything he does just annoys me today. I'm terribly uncomfortable today and slept badly, so that isn't helping either.

I am so sorry for the vast quantity of whining I've been doing lately. Work is finally going better, thank goodness. So today should be an easy day, once we get done with this morning's daycare visit. Hopefully I'll get over being a brat soon.

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