Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We're back!

And we're back from New York City. Had a great trip. Saw tons of stuff: Metropolitan Museum of Art (which I've wanted to visit since reading about it in a favorite kids' book), Central Park, Empire State Building, 5th Avenue, United Nations, Chinatown, Little Italy, Times Square, Wall Street, the World Trade Center site and tribute center, and Battery Park (from which we could see the Statue of Liberty). I'm completely exhausted now, since I woke up at 12:45 EST and couldn't get back to sleep. Not a big deal, since we had to get up to leave for the airport at 2:45 AM anyway. It was a easy trip home though, and now I'm in the middle of laundry and trying to figure out some semi-healthy food options for the rest of the week.

Sad news- my online friend delivered her baby at 19w2d. The baby briefly survived, so they had a chance to meet her and then to say goodbye. My friend and her husband went through SO much for this baby, so this is really heartbreaking. Please keep them in your prayers.

Daniel's off at an industry awards dinner now (poor guy), so I'm getting ready to make myself some dinner and to try to stay awake until it's dark here at least. It stays light pretty late, so that's easier said than done.

And it's back to work tomorrow- I got through most of my emails already though, so it shouldn't be too bad. Famous last words, I know.

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