Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday morning

We had sunshine this morning when I was driving to work, but now it's all gloomy looking outside again. Come back sunshine!

In the scary countdown update- 14 hours and a collection of minutes until I am 30. Wow.

Daniel and I have our first daycare visit today. We're visiting Kindercare, even though they don't have any openings in January, and may not have any openings in February-March. They seemed confused when I said that I didn't really have a firm "going back to work" date and would just go back when 1) I feel like it or 2) a daycare spot opens up somewhere. They seemed to not even really want us to come tour, but we wanted to see a national chain for purpose of comparison with some of the other littler daycares that we will be looking at in the next few weeks. I doubt we'll use this one anyway, since they charge for 5 days/week no matter what, and I'm not planning on working full time. They also seemed confused that I didn't want to use another Kindercare location that's about 10 miles out of downtown. I pointed out that I live and work downtown, so driving to the suburbs for daycare wasn't really very practical.

I'm trying to eat healthier today. So I'm sitting at my desk fantasizing about sugar cookies. I should go get my box of raisins out of the fridge. Not quite the same thing though.

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