Thursday, March 8, 2007

Thing I love about Seattle #2

Green Lake. It's a fabulous 3 mile paved walking/biking/blading trail around a pretty lake. It's been a Seattle favorite spot for about 100 years. It's the only place in Seattle where you can go and see, all in one place: 1) cute puppies, 2) cute babies, 3) bunnies (sometimes), 4) hot shirtless men. And you get to eavesdrop on conversations of people walking past you. One time, a friend and I were walking around. (This was back in my pre-Daniel days) and passed two girls going the other direction. Right when they passed us, one of them said "So I called that cute guy, using the excuse that....". My friend and I almost turned around to follow them. One can never have too many good excuses for calling cute guys. We also heard a man say to a woman "so, I think we need to talk." We scurried away from that pair quite quickly.

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