Sunday, March 25, 2007

A recipe for insomnia

I haven't been sleeping too well lately. It's a combo of several things. 1) I have to go to the bathroom, pretty much all the time. I'm carrying the baby really low, so it's still firmly planted on top of my bladder. So I still wake up in the night a lot, and have to get up and go visit the bathroom. 2) When I wake up and realize that I am in fact pregnant and will in fact be someone's mother! and responsible for raising another human being in 4 months (give or take a bit), tends to bring me to full wakefulness. Which leads to me lying in bed, just generally shocked by the concept of being a parent. 3) and then, while awake (especially the last 2 weeks), I've realized that I'm going to be 30 soon.

It's not even that 30 is so bad- I'm pretty much where I always hoped I would be at this age. I have a great career, an incredible husband, a nice home with two slightly rotten cats, and a baby on the way. I'm incredibly blessed. But still. It's 30. And I'm going to be a mom. And while I am excited about these things during the daytime, at 3:30 AM, it's a whole 'nother story.

Exciting news for the weekend- we bought a new dishwasher yesterday. Fancy adjustable shelves, ability to wash the top rack only, sanitizing cycle, etc. This is very fun and a fairly big thing, since Daniel is Chinese and Asian people (in my experience) tend to not really be dishwasher people. Daniel has actually never used ours, but he still was willing to get me a fancy new one. What a sweetie :)

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Karen said...

Yeah. 30 is a big one to swallow. Wait until it becomes 31.

Oooh, I want a dishwasher that only washes the top rack too! We go through way more cups and plastic bowls around here. It would be awesome to be able to run half loads.