Monday, March 26, 2007

Our helpful kitten

Daniel says I shouldn't call our younger cat a kitten anymore, since she's almost a year old. But she's still my rotten little baby, so I shall continue to do so.

This morning, evil kitten did the following: 1) woke us up at 5 AM, 2) threw up in the middle of the floor, 3) acted like I was trying to torture her by feeding her dry cat food, 4) was generally annoying by biting me, the other cat, the cord on the blinds, some dust..., 5) pooped in the middle of the litter box merely seconds after Daniel had cleaned it. We decided that she has figured out that there is a baby coming and is trying to prepare us for parenthood. We already get sibling-rivalry training. I find myself saying these things a lot (and yes, I know they're cats and probably cant understand me) "please don't sit on her head, she needs to be able to breathe" and "if you're going to wrestle please try not to knock over anything breakable."

Our 20 week appointment went well today. My doctor claims that I'm not fat, I'm pregnant. Whatever. The weight is not going to my tummy, so I think it's at least 90% me just getting fat. Lucky's heartbeat was good and strong, once the doctor was able to find it. He seems to still be hanging out nearer to my back than my front. We'll see for sure next Tuesday at the BIG ULTRASOUND.

2 days until my birthday. Crap.

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