Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I want to eat my leftovers. NOW.

Daniel and I had another nice evening yesterday. Decided to skip the gym and go to Green Lake, a local Seattle recreation spot. By the time we got out, the weather had cooled down to around 60, but it was still nice to be out and walking instead of sitting at this desk. We stopped halfway around to eat Thai food (SO yummy!!) and then had to finish the 3 mile loop in the dark. I've walked around the lake about a million times though, so I know the path well.

Now I'm sitting here at work fantasizing about the leftover yellow curry in the fridge. Unfortunately, it's only 9:45 AM. I do seem to have gotten over my McDonald's cravings. Haven't been even remotely tempted to go there in the past few weeks. Weird.

Speaking of food, we're going out with new friends from church on Sunday. Most of the wives in the group we're going out with are pregnant, and we're going to an Indian restaurant with a buffet, so it should be a fun afternoon for the men of seeing whose pregnant wife can put away the most food. :)

There is no way I'm going to make it to lunchtime before I break down and eat my leftover curry. None at all.

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