Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I like planning ahead, but this is a little extreme

So, apparently I'm already behind in the list of things I should be doing. My coworkers have been asking about my daycare plans and making recommendations. Finally, yesterday I emailed a few places to ask questions. About daycare, for the fetus. It's not even 6 inches long yet, and I'm already spending my time trying to figure out which daycare Lucky will be happy in. I don't know, I haven't met the child yet!!!! And there are already waiting lists for next winter, when I will be needing daycare, so I'm behind in what I should be doing, apparently. I was hoping to wait until I at least looked pregnant before I started touring daycare facilities. My mistake.

On Daniel's to-do list for this week: enroll Lucky in the state college savings plan. His idea, not mine.

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Marieke said...

Crazy! I wouldn't have even thought that you'd need to think about daycare until later...