Saturday, March 31, 2007

Goodbye my car

My beloved husband is off at a car dealership right now- he called about an hour ago to let me know that he bagged the prey- after much negotiating, he got the slightly used car that we've been test driving and looking at on the Internet. And he got a decent trade-in value for my car, which is great, since we only have one parking spot and neither of us has time right now to deal with trying to sell a car.
I'm really excited about our new car. It is big enough for the baby and its stuff, and it has some fun gadgets that will keep Daniel happy. I drove the car yesterday and really liked it. But I'm still sad today about the thought of not seeing my nice little car anymore. It's been such a wonderful, reliable car. I bought it in grad school, and it's faithfully transported me through many adventures since then. And it's weird to be replacing my poor grad student car with a family car. A family car that will soon be driving around a baby. My baby.
We have had a productive day overall- we hit a big consignment sale this morning and got a ton of stuff- some baby clothes, some maternity dresses, a bobby cover, safety latches, a sleep positioner, a diaper bag for Daniel to carry, a crib bedding set ($20!), and a few cute Classic Pooh things. Everything for $78. We were pretty proud of our accomplishments.
Now I have to go get ready for my birthday party tonight. I get to see my friends AND eat cake! What an evening!

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Karen said...

Yay for consignments!!!!

Sooo, what is this new family vehicle? Share! Share!

I remember buying cars when I was pregnant (with each one actually) and thinking, "This is the car we'll bring home our baby in." Even after three the wonder and slight fear of that thought never changes.