Monday, March 12, 2007

Genesis 1:1, according to my 3-year old cousin

My cousin loves backhoes. He has piles of books with pictures of construction equipment and can tell us all the parts of a backhoe. I learned last year, when he was 2 and a half, that backhoes have hydraulic cylinders. I can even now identify, for myself, the hydraulic cylinders on a backhoe. Not something I really needed to know, but if Lucky is a boy, I'm sure that knowledge will make me the wisest mom ever.

My cousin wanted to name his baby brother "Backhoe". My aunt and uncle wisely shot that idea down.

Yesterday, Daniel and I were babysitting for a few hours. When we arrived, my cousin recited Genesis 1:1 for us, which he had learned in Sunday School. According to him, the verse goes like this: "1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the backhoes."

It was a busy weekend, but a good one. We got a lot of those little things crossed off the to-do list that have been on the list so long that no one really remembers putting them on there in the first place. That's a good feeling. And we saw the movie "Amazing Grace" with some church friends. Great movie, I highly recommend it.

We're having computer issues this morning at work. Nothing like dragging yourself out of bed on a gloomy Monday morning to discover that you cant actually do any work because your files have disappeared into an intranet void.

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