Thursday, March 29, 2007

Conversations to NOT have when you are pregnant

Since yesterday was my birthday, everyone was reflecting back on 30 years ago, and the "joys" of childbirth.

First, I talked to my mom. We were discussing about what she was doing at that time on the day I was born (about 10 hours after my actual birth). Mom said that by that point in time the midwife (I was born at home) was probably giving her coffee and unfiltered grape juice to help with her iron levels, due to the massive amount of bleeding. Thing I did not want to know #1. Then we were discussing my younger brother, and the fact that he was a 9 pound, 4 oz. baby. Thing I did not want to know #2.

Then I talked to my grandmother. I mentioned to her how glad I was to be not crazy like my parents, and to have no plans to give birth at home with no doctors and no drugs (I know that works for some people, but not for me, thank you very much). We ended up again discussing baby sizes. Grandma informed me that my brother's 9 pound, 4 oz. size wasn't that big, and that my uncle had been somewhere around 10 pounds. Thing I did not want to know #3. THEN!!! she said "oh, we always have big babies in this family. Your great-uncle was 12 or 13 pounds. I think your great-aunt was about that big too." !!!!! MORE THINGS I DID NOT WANT TO KNOW!!!

The important thing to know here is that we are fairly small people. I'm 5 feet tall, my mom is 5'2", my grandmother was a little taller, but my great-grandmother (who produced the 12-13 pounders) was also quite petite. I am praying that Daniel's genetics will counteract the hearty German genes that curse the women in my family to having giant babies.

On a happier note, yesterday was a very nice birthday. I was able to leave work early, and went and did a little shopping, hit the library and actually browsed the shelves, rather than just picking up my books on hold, and then went to a coffee shop and read my book while sipping decaf. Bought some makeup online when I got home- trying to stock up on the expensive stuff now before I'm no longer working and feeling too guilty to buy expensive makeup. And we had a really nice dinner at a Belltown restaurant. In all, a great day.

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Karen said...

You know, I don't know about that whole baby size genetics thing. My mom and her mother birthed average size babies. My sister gave birth to little bitties. I had behemoths. Okay, so 8lb 10oz isn't as big as some but it is compared to everyone else's on both sides of our families. We knew Jack was going to big very early on, though. My belly measured two or more weeks ahead of average the entire time. His size did not come as a surprise to me.

But here's to a tiny little petite baby! My suggestion: avoid Twinkies.