Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday morning

The sun is shining, it's 8:30 AM, and I already have almost 2 hours of work done. It was an early morning today- I had a 7 AM conference call, and Daniel had to drive down to his other office, so we got going before daylight. Which means that I'll probably get tired of work early and will have to go shopping or something.

It's a lovely day today for another reason- I can breathe! I'm wearing a too-big hand-me-down maternity dress. My tummy definitely does not fill out the tummy space, but that means that no article of clothing is compressing or squishing me or Lucky. It's quite nice.

Daniel and I had a nice evening last night. Nothing special, just talking and laughing. I love laughing with him. We actually laugh together quite a lot. It's a nice feeling. We've been making plans for our first anniversary on Sunday. I think we're going to dinner and may also possibly go to the historical building where we got married and walk around. That was his idea, which I thought was very sweet and romantic. I cant believe it's been a year already. I've been sitting here trying to remember what exactly I was up to at this time last year. I think it was my last day of work before the wedding- so I'm sure I was completely useless.

Speaking of my first anniversary, we got a very sweet card from my parents yesterday. They love Daniel and are so thrilled by our relationship. I know that they prayed for him to find me for a long time, and I've always appreciated those prayers. My dad has an interesting way of wording things sometimes- in his conclusion of the card, he mentioned looking forward to meeting the baby in August, but he referred to the baby as "the fruit of your love". Made me laugh out loud. It's a pretty typical comment from my dad. The girls on the message board where I post were surprised that my father can admit exactly how this baby came to be. :)

Back to work- I hope all of you have a blessed day today, and that it's one full of laughter and friends.

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