Friday, February 16, 2007

Tonight's home fellowship group

Daniel and I are a part of a home fellowship group at our church. There are about 9 other couples in this group, ranging in age and in length of marriage. There are about 5 couples that have only been married a few years, then the rest have been married for quite some time. The general idea of the group is to get together, read and discuss a marriage book, pray for each other and support each other in whatever challenges are going on, and to share our stories with each other. Since the group started last fall, we've been doing couple testimonies. One couple each week shares their stories- childhood, major life events, family, how they became believers, etc. It's supposed to be a 30 minute activity, but generally takes at least an hour. There have been some amazing stories in the group so far, and I'm constantly humbled by the things that other people have had to overcome, and how they've been able to endure so many rough things.

We've been doing these testimonies in order of longest married. So, we're second to last. Beat out the last couple by a month :) And finally, after months of waiting... TONIGHT IS OUR TURN!!! You see, we love to talk. Both of us. Love love love to talk. The bigger the group the better. Daniel is unfazed by public speaking, and I actually crave it. I drool when there is a microphone in my general vicinity. I'm scared of talking to strangers one on one, but strangers in a large crowd are fabulous. One of the ways that I knew I may have met my match with Daniel is that he out-talked me on our first date. My parents didn't believe me until they talked to him on the phone when he called to ask for my hand in marriage. They had to admit that I was right, the man can talk.

It should be a fabulous evening. :)

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Marieke said...

Hi Carrie! I found your blog through Liz's.

Congrats on the bean!

I've added your blog to my blog feed so I can stay updated :)