Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The semi-strange thing that I'm contemplating today

I was contemplating things this morning (anything to avoid reading the incredibly mind-numbingly dull scientific articles that I need to read for the report I have to write). Nothing too deep today, since it's a Wednesday and I refuse to think truly deep/intelligent thoughts in the middle of the week. Just thinking about my marriage and Valentine's Day.

You see, we're newlyweds. Haven't even celebrated our first anniversary yet. We're still in a pretty mushy stage. We were holding hands at church one day during the "introduce yourself to people and be friendly" part of the service. The person that Daniel was saying hi to looked at us and said "and you guys must be newlyweds". Which is true, but I seriously hope that we are still holding hands all the time 30 years from now. My parents still do and they've been together since they were in high school. But the point is, we are still newlyweds and are still thrilled and excited about all the new and fun things about marriage. Which is somehow odd to me to be experiencing at the same time that we're also preparing for the birth of our first child (who we are now calling Lucky). I guess a year ago, when we were getting ready for the wedding, I pictured myself as a happy newlywed this year, but didn't picture the little pregnancy belly that I would be carrying around at that time.

Don't get me wrong- this baby was planned, and we knew what we were getting into (as much as anyone does) when we decided to start trying to have a baby. And, despite the annoyances of pregnancy, we're thrilled to have Lucky in our life. But it's still strange.

So, anyway, I need to stop ignoring work and go actually accomplish something. I hope everyone out there has a wonderful Valentine's Day and that you get to spend lots of time with the ones you love.


Morning Glory said...

Hi Carrie,
I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog today. I've been reading back through your posts and have enjoyed the reading. Congrats on being newlyweds AND on the coming baby! So many things ahead of you both.

Keep holding hands and loving each other. We still hold hands and get a little tingle with the touch.

Karen said...

Yep. My mom beat me to it. I was going to mention that they still hold hands and always have.