Monday, February 26, 2007

The new normal

Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary and it went really well. We had a nice time at church, then ate IHOP Cinnastackers (SO GOOD!) then went to the place where we got married and walked around, then came home and watched our wedding video. It was fun to see that again. Finished off the day with a nice dinner out. Hard to believe we've been married a year already- it really went fast. It was a really good year though, and I have no complaints. I'm still so glad I agreed to that first date when he emailed me from :)

Today was our 16-week appointment to check on Lucky. Heartbeat was strong and everything looked good. Lucky is apparently hanging out near my back, which kind of makes sense, given that I'm still barely showing and am still in my normal clothes.

(Here comes the annoying part of the post) We did mention to the doctor that I've been very down lately. Not so much the type of emotional that I expected- I don't cry at cute forwarded emails or commercials. I just get overwhelmed very quickly. I cry a lot, but mostly out of a sense of frustration and discouragement. Over really little things. The baby shower next week brought me to tears at least twice this weekend, and it's all planned! I have nothing left to worry about, except exactly how many people are going to show up. Which is not even a big deal and wont change anything in the plans. The doctor not only said that this kind of emotional behavior was normal, but that it would get worse. My poor, poor husband. I'm getting on my own nerves at this point, so I can only imagine how frustrated he feels.

Good news- we have the referral for the big ultrasound, so now we just have to figure out how to fit that into our schedule! Exciting! (***Edited to add- Big ultrasound scheduled for April 3! And I'll be far enough long that I don't have to go with a full bladder! So just 5 weeks and 1 day until we find out what gender Lucky is- I think it's a boy.)

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