Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm a world-class worrier

As much as I hate it, and as much as I get disgusted with myself for not trusting God to handle the details of my life, I am a worrier. Always have been. I worry a lot, but strangely enough I tend to worry about small things and not the larger details of life. Like right now. I dont worry about Lucky and how he/she is growing and what's going on inside my uterus, I'm obsessed instead with the baby shower that I'm hosting in less than 2 weeks. Which, incidentally, is now up to 34 invitees, to be crammed into a living room that comfortably holds about 15. Thankfully, it's not my living room, so that much isn't my problem. My worry is the games and the punch (what do you put in baby shower punch) and the cake, and getting the right type of hors d'oeuvres trays and the mother-to-be having a good time.

Worrying aside, it's been a decent week so far. Yesterday was very quiet at work, so I caught up on a few things. This weekend I was busy- dinner at the house of friend of Daniel's on Saturday night, bridal shower for a friend of mine on Sunday. At both events I met people who found out I was pregnant and said "You don't look at all pregnant!". I have a rather large tummy sticking out in front of me these days, but I know I just look like I've been having too many cookies, rather than 4 months pregnant. I just want to say "trust me people, I'm not this fat normally."
Apparently one girl that I go to church with ran into the same problem. She said she had a coworker who kept looking at her stomach, and finally asked her one day if she was expecting. She said yes, to which he responded "oh good. I was thinking that I was going to need to recommend some exercises for you, because you were looking like you were getting a little fat around the stomach area." :)

Anyway, I should go focus my worrying on my actual job. Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.


Marieke said...

Man, can I relate! I'm sure you already know this since you left a comment on my blog, haha!

I carry weight in my stomach, and I've had comments before where people *thought* I was pregnant...I've gotten so paranoid about it at times, that I'll probably wear one of those "baby on board" shirts or something when I do get preggers in a few years! LOL

Karen said...

Don't sweat the baby shower. I've hosted quite a few and truly, most women come just for the fellowship. It doesn't matter if you have the perfect house or the perfect food. They aren't expecting to be entertained.

I'd love to share some ideas with you if you need them. Email me at karenk823(at)hotmail.com if you're interested. You don't need to stress. It'll be fine (and fun!)