Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm apparently feeling very bloggy today

Hurray! We have a date set for the baby shower that I'm hosting! And the lovely girls on the Weight Watchers board where I post gave me some ideas for activities and the order that we should do things in. This is a huge relief to me. Mostly because I am a giant, huge, incredibly controlling control freak. And this shower was driving me nuts, because I couldn't control all of the variables. Waiting for the person whose house it will be at to call me or email me with the final decision on the date was driving me insane! Not because we are only 2.5 weeks from said suggested date, but because I didn't know the answer. And therefore was out of control. It was making me crazy.

In fact, the lack of knowledge and control made me crazy enough that I overcame my #2 phobia (snakes are my #1 phobia) and actually picked up a phone and called the kind house-volunteering woman to see if she had made a decision. This is huge, because I really really really hate calling anyone who I am not 1) related to by blood or marriage AND 2) talked to at least once a week for the past 10 years. I didn't call my husband for almost the entire first year of our dating relationship. Email was made for people like me. I blame my phobia on my month working as a telemarketer. Just the memory can make me shudder.

And speaking of bad memories, I got a funny email from my mom today, talking about the baby games that she was forced to play at the baby shower that was held for her. 30 years ago. She apparently still hasn't recovered entirely. I've added the games to my "avoid at all cost" list. :)

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