Thursday, February 8, 2007

I drank caffeine this morning

I haven't had caffeine since some time last year- probably on Daniel's birthday trip to California. Despite the fact that I'm a scientist, and I have read all of the studies on caffeine and conception/pregnancy, I decided to go ahead and give it up for the duration of trying to get pregnant/pregnancy. Besides, I have a minor heart problem, so caffeine isnt really that good for me anyway.

And honestly, giving up coffee wasnt that hard. I'm one of those people who tends to make the coffee, put it on the desk at work, take one sip, then proceed to forget about its existence.

Then came this morning. I slept reasonably well last night. Other than the trips to the bathroom every 2 hours and the large kitten pouncing on me this AM (Daniel was out of town last night, so the kitten was able to give me its undivided attention). But this morning I still felt like I was functioning underwater and couldnt quite get my brain to communicate with my body. So, I stopped at Bartells Drugstore on the way in, and bought a Godiva Belgian Blends cold French Vanilla Latte. And I think my brain is starting to work again! It's a nice feeling.

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Karen said...

Congratulations, Girl! What a very, very exciting time in your life. I'll enjoy reading along as you experience it.

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