Thursday, February 22, 2007

Diminished blood flow to my brain

Today I decided to wear a nice skirt with an elastic waist and a normal top to match it. Forgetting, of course, that it's 40 degrees outside, the skirt does not cover my legs and I will get frostbite waiting for the bus if I don't wear nylons. So, right before I left I put on my regular black nylons to complete the outfit. Now.... can't breathe!! I really should go across the street to Motherhood Maternity (yes, it's that close!) and get maternity nylons, but I don't want to. I go through a pair a day, pretty much. I'm one of those people who runs into everything and usually manages to snag a pair of nylons and put a huge run in them within an hour of putting them on. So I hate to pay more than $3 for a pair. Of course, I'll lose my job if I manage to completely cut off the blood flow to my brain and go brain dead, so it may be worth it.

Funny story from yesterday. Daniel was driving down to his main office, and stopped at Fred Meyer (West Coast large grocery/everything else store) to get donuts for his team. He called to let me know he'd made it through the first half of his trip, left me a message, and then hung up his phone. Except he didn't actually hang up the phone. And I cant skip messages on my work phone, so I had to wait through 2 solid minutes of sounds of him walking around the store, with his pants hitting the phone speaker, and muzak playing over the Fred Meyer loudspeakers. It was pretty funny.

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Karen said...

dude: knee highs and thigh highs.