Wednesday, January 3, 2007

We have an ultrasound scheduled!

In 24 hours and 30 minutes (give or take a few) I will be sitting in the waiting room of the radiology department at our local hospital. Where I will be waiting uncomfortably, due to my full bladder (yes, some people still use that type of ultrasound!), and anxiously, due to my desire to see this baby's heartbeat.

Today was our first OB appointment. They asked lots of questions, took lots of blood, and generally made me feel much better about things. While the doctor was poking around my uterus (hopefully these two things were unconnected), she asked if twins ran in my family. I told her that they did, and she scheduled me for an ultrasound to check and see if there are two babies hanging out inside me. Apparently she doesn't think there are, but we want to be sure.

So now I'm excited and nervous and happy and scared. I just heard my favorite song on the radio, it's called "Held" and is sung by Natalie Grant. It reminds me that whatever I'm going through, even the things that are tough to understand, God is there in those things. I'm trying to just trust Him, and leave my worries at His feet. Easier said than done sometimes, but I know it's a lesson I need to learn.

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