Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The greatest feeling

We had another ultrasound yesterday, this one as part of a genetic screening test. Since I'm only going to be 30 when the baby is born, it's a relatively low chance that the baby will have a Downs syndrome or Trisomy 18-type problem, but we wanted to go ahead and do the screening anyway. Daniel and I are both the type of person who wants to have as much information as possible, as soon as possible. :)

Anyway, after a long long day of sitting at work, poking my stomach and wondering if everything was okay in there, I finally met up with Daniel and we headed over to the hospital. I'm becoming very familiar with that place! Oddly enough, when the ultrasound tech called my name, it was the same technician that had done our first ultrasound, even though the first one was in an entirely different department of the hospital. We got to the room quickly, she started the scan and- the greatest thing ever- there was the little heartbeat, flickering wildly on the screen. In the course of the 30 minute scan we got to see the baby doing lots of swimming and flipping and wiggling. The technician had trouble getting the measurements she needed since the baby was so wiggly. But finally she got her measurements and we got our new photos of baby. And some calmness of nerves for a few days. It never lasts long. Fortunately, our 12 week appointment is next week, so we should get to hear the heartbeat with the doppler then.

I'm relieved to have seen the baby again, and am really hoping to not have to go through any more full-bladder ultrasounds! Not my favorite experience.

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