Monday, January 29, 2007

Already taking after me

I'm 12 weeks pregnant now! That was a fun milestone to hit. Seems like it brings with it some sense of relief from the superstitious fear that I will doom my child by telling people of its existence before I reach the random 12-week landmark. Pregnancy logic is weird.

So, I thought the "morning" sickness was on its way out, until I made the mistake this morning of riding a bus after only drinking my morning smoothie and not consuming any solid foods. I think I was green by the time I got to the office. Now I'm sitting here, trying to stay warm (the heat was off in our office today, for some strange reason), and trying to figure out what exactly it is that the baby thinks I should eat. None of the healthy snacks that I brought to eat today are inspiring anything other than a feeling of nausea. The thought of McDonalds makes my body practically glow with happiness. My child is 3 inches big and I'm already losing battles of will with it.

On another random note, at our last ultrasound, the baby was 5 centimeters big. I told Daniel that when I give birth, the baby will have a 10 centimeter space to exit from. And it's already halfway to that size, and it gets 28 weeks to keep growing! I'm not normally one to overly question God's wisdom about things, but I have to say, pregnancy and childbirth definitely bring up some questions. :)

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