Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I'm starting this blog as a way to deal with the stress of my pregnancy. I'm married to the most wonderful man on the planet, and we're expecting our first child late next summer.

So far things are going well. A little too well for me. I've developed an unusual aversion to all food groups that are not primarily made up of carbs, but overall I'm not that ill. And I thought I wasnt that moody, until I talked to my doctor's office today.

I originally had an appointment scheduled for the middle of January, at which I assumed we'd be able to hear the heartbeat of our baby. I had to call today to discuss a medication (that another doctor was unconcerned about when I went in 2 weeks ago), and they told me to stop taking my medication immediately, and rescheduled my appointment for next week. But, at this appointment it will be too soon to hear the heartbeat via Doppler, and they dont do routine ultrasounds this early.

So I'm a little sad. I had hoped to know soon that things are okay in there. And we wanted to wait until we heard the heartbeat to start telling people about the baby. But I'm finding that remarkably difficult. It's tough being scared and stressed and tired and not having anyone know why. In another strange twist of fate, both of my best friends are out of the country, or else I would have caved in and told them by now.

This is much harder than I ever imagined.

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